Arena Swim Snorkel

Arena Swim Snorkel

The Arena Swim Snorkel is the perfect aid for focusing on your position in the water as well as breathing underwater during training. The snorkel helps stroke efficiency due to the one-way purge valve preventing you from inhaling water. Due to this, the Arena Swim Snorkel is ideal for beginners. The adjustable strap provides a stable and comfortable fit while still being secure during turns. The swivel-mounted strap simplifies the communication with the coach during training sessions as it helps to be able to concentrate on the swim technique and the position in the water.


Key Features

  • Enables swimmers to breathe underwater so that they can concentrate on training
  • The backflow valve prevents from inhaling water
  • Soft and antiallergenic mouthpiece
  • Movable and adjustable strap
  • Ideal for frequent fitness swimmers and competitive swimmers


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